Friday, 28 September 2012

Developing the Story: The Message

The Message
The Renaissance was a period of discovery and rebirth, specifically, the rebirth of culture. A significant aspect of this period of rebirth were the changes in attitude towards science and religion. 
The two topics are often considered polar opposites, with science typically being used to find fault in the teachings of religion, although it has also been said that science and religion can coexist, contributing to Mankind in different, but completely valid, ways.
The diagram above explains that in regards to the existence of Man, both science and religion have merit. It is this idea of harmony between the two sides that we will be addressing in our animation. 

The Basic Plot
Two characters represent Science and Religion as separate entities. The two characters awake to find themselves stranded on an island after the ship they were travelling on capsizes. At first, the characters are weary of one another, considering their hugely contrasting backgrounds, but they soon realise that in order to reach the other survivors on the island, they will have to put their differences aside and work together. For example, the characters reach a body of water that they cannot cross. The scientific character constructs a boat in order to cross the water, but without any wind, they won't be going anywhere. The religious character puts their faith and spirituality to good use, asking a greater power for the gust of wind that they desperately need to get moving. Without the scientific character's knowledge of carpentry and buoyancy, the religious character would be stranded, but that knowledge is useless without the religious character's connection with spirituality. 

Influence Maps

We've taken our first steps in exploring the era visually. Here are the most significant images collected and divided into categories.

All Round Renaissance

Commedia Dell’Arte


Ships and Explorers

C. 1400 - 1500 AD

Stuff That Happened...
-          Art changed in a big way. It became more about luxury and vanity then truth and documentation.

-          People began to be more individual. They looked to science for answers rather than the church/ religion.

-          Growing nations feel restricted by high taxation from Rome.

-          Architecture becomes extravagant.

-          Banks become public

-          Christopher Columbus discovers the Americas

-          Leonardo da Vinci is born and becomes a painter, sculptor, inventor, theorist and much more.

-          The Age of Discovery begins. The world becomes more connected as more places are discovered and explored.

-          The bridge between the middle ages and the modern era.

Welcome to Harlequin Production Studio

Studio crew are Steven Payne, Llogari Casas Cambra and Sammy Butler. Together we are currently working on a 1 minute animation set in the renaissance era (c. 1400-1500 AD). We will take a significant event or movement of the time and shows its impact economically and/or socially through the medium of animation. Please follow us as we explore into the age of discovery and create our short film.