Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thursday, 6 December 2012

White Canvas Scene

And another quick update to let you see how the 'unaffected' scenery is coming along. That is the blank canvas. Llogari has been playing around with the lighting and come up with this intense lighting that creates some awesome shadows. We plan to have another light that is just on the characters to stop them disappearing in the shadows altogether. Here are a few snapshots of the first scene to be animated to show the lighting. It is the valley scene.

And one last picture, a close-up of Carl's eyes...

Textures Complete

A quick update on the studios progress. With the completion of our character rigs the studio has been busying themselves with animating and lighting. Unfortunately we were victim to the delightfully buggy Maya 2013.5 extension meaning 10 seconds of animation is only accessible at uni but we have persevered.
We also now have all the texture maps completed with two versions of the environmental maps so that the scenery can change accordingly as the characters interact with it. As planned the textured were painted and sketched by hand and scanned back onto the computer to create as realistic effect as possible.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Character Modelling: Carl and Simon Fully Rigged

Here are our characters fully rigged with all controls, as well as skinned jaw movement and blinking eyes. All that is left to do is add a joint to independently manipulate their skirts (no matter how you skin them, they constantly clip the legs at some point, so by adding a joint, we can position the legs first, then adjust the skirt so that it falls over the legs with no clipping issues), and some expression blend shapes (as our characters do not speak at any point, we're only going to add basic expressions that fit to the story).

(Slight problem with the right foot. It has deformed for absolutely no reason. All vertices are weighted as they were before, so I'm not overly sure whats happening?)