Friday, 2 November 2012

A Change of Scenery

Our story is very action based but the only major threat to our characters is the environment on which their stranded. To increase the tension of the film and the visual splendor I've began exploring the environment a lot more. Before we were looking at a generic desert island with palm trees and sunshine but this just didn't feel right. Palm trees aren't a threat, they mean holiday and coconuts. So I've begun to change the environment space. Here's the existing concept.

It's too safe and cosy for the style we want so we discussed moving the setting to, still an island, but one in a much damper, less pleasant corner of the world. The forest itself will be more of a rainforest type. Completely untamed by human presence, damp, mossy and uneven terrain. This'll be much more exciting to see the boys run through. This influence map show some existing environments that look ominous and dangerous.

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