Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Scriptwriting: Second Draft Script

Over the weekend each studio member wrote their own version of the story we had discussed and settled on. We found we had written much the same script with only marginal differences. We also felt that the ending lacked that extra tension; there was no danger pushing them ahead. After testing out a few ideas verbally we decided that using the ‘ticking bomb’ technique would work best. We don’t intend on blowing up our two boys, but have the sun sinking in the corner like a counter going down, suggesting that the boys need to reach their goal before the sun sets. We’ll also use music to increase the tension i.e. faster paced when building to a climax and the music suddenly starting to suggest a chase/sudden action. Using incidental music, the ‘ticking bomb’ and other elements of our story, such as the opposite character types, will help our audience follow our story as they aid the narrative.

This is the second draft of the script with the addition ideas included.

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